qdollarplantsIMG_0911 ABBA sings about money, Tevye shakes the rafters  in his barn with ‘If I were a rich man’, wisdom is sprinkled with idioms concerning pennies saved, and Dave Ramsey tells us to be gazelles as we manage our finances. I hate how much that ‘f’ word rules in the world. I’m thankful and blessed it doesn’t in my garden.

In my yard I have literally dozens of honesty, money plants, dollar plants, or silver dollar plants. Right now, they have purple and white blossoms with teeny fine prickly hairs that BITE all along their stems.  When the flowers fade, small ‘purses’ or ‘coin’ shaped pods with seeds in them appear. In the fall, the flat tissue paper packets get ripped by the weather, scattering the few seeds within everywhere. The pods are where the fairies keep their money. The plants are not good as cut flowers, when they dry, the stems are still sharp, and many people eradicate them from their yards.  Oddly, the roots are edible. If I am careful with them, they do make nice shaped branches for dried arrangements.  I enjoy them, even when I forget to wear gloves or long sleeves to work around them. They delight my soul and are spring garden riches.


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