Oh, Happy Day!

This was taken at Jon’s graduation party eons ago, but it personifies so much of my day today. I actually felt like flying, I was so happy this morning and part of this afternoon and definitely this evening. I wanted to find a photo that shared celebrating good times. Nothing shouts joy like a water fight among friends. Here are two neighbors and best friends with 5 gallon buckets full of water and sponges (you know those foam mattress pads that eventually get icky? Get your bread knife and cut the best bits into chunks. Let them dry in a net bag after you play). There is also a water rocket bottle launcher in the photo and a tiny girl who is getting ready to join the older ones!

Enjoy. Relax, laugh, get wet, and scream your happiness when you can. Life really isn’t very long. Look at what you have, be thankful, and celebrate!


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