Because the internet always needs more cats! At the moment our house has 3 feline blessings. (they are blessings, generally!)

Up on the top left Maxwell T. Silverstone is reclining on the mower in the sun. We were given Maxwell by some friends who adopted him before they learned their young daughter was allergic. We named him after spies and tough folks. Maxwell for the M on his head and Maxwell Smart (Max is a VERY smart cat!). T for Mr. T. Silverstone comes from a Disney show the boys liked,  The Famous Jett Jackson (he was a super spy named Silverstone). Maxwell blends into his surroundings, is very thin, and talks all the time. He was a barn cat from Tillamook.

Moses is the orange feline. Moses got his name from the movie ‘Singing in the Rain.’ Moses has 24 toes, 6 on each foot. Toes which he uses all the time when he puts his paws on a face or arm or leg or whatever he needs to touch. They are sharp toes, even if he does suppose they are roses! Multi-toed cats are known as Hemingway cats.

The water cat is Kilala. Kila is a brat. He and Moses fight all the time. Kila chases Maxwell every chance he can get. They have lived in the same house since about 2010. He loves fresh water. He sleeps in Jon’s room where the window has a box outside so he can get fresh air. (Moses and Maxwell are inside/outside cats. They insist on it.) Kila also has one of those small animal water bottles, which he much prefers over the water dish. He also prefers the water my spider plant babies are sitting in.

So, three blessings. Maxwell is the oldest and loves to cuddle right up on a body. Moses demands laps and if he doesn’t get solid lap time during the day, he gets very annoyed. Kila, being the baby at almost 9 or so, loves to eat and chase. Kila spent his formative years with a ferret who used to eat all the food.

So, this is my very longest blessing post EVER. But, hey…it is cats!!!!


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