I heard a phrase today which made me stop and think. It was about volunteers being more important than congress, than the president, or a CEO in charge of a company. They can be anyone of any size, shape, color, or age. Volunteers can be paid in one area and volunteer in another. Sally is painting with kids in a parking lot as a volunteer, but she is a teacher. Scouts are almost entirely based on volunteers. The band my son performs with has paid directors, but everyone else volunteers their time to practice and perform. Santa may be a police officer in his other job, but he brings so much joy to so many kids in December!

I thought about this and realised volunteers don’t make just the US move, they make the WORLD move. Operation Christmas Child has paid individuals, but the original boxes are packed by volunteers. I know many medical persons who have volunteered their time in different places across the globe. A person can help kids in Morocco learn English, in Cambodia a person can help girls learn a new way of life as they escape from prostitution, and in Thailand you can volunteer at an elephant camp.

Pay your life forward, you won’t be disappointed.


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