I wasn’t sure I’d post the pic of me hiding in the night lilacs, however, I thought Moses needed something to detract from his overall cuteness! (that one is from 2009, I’m from last night!)  I love lilacs. When we moved to this town, it was one of the things I was thankful for. I wish I could put the lilacs in vases. Unfortunately, they wilt in a day. I adore the pale purple and all white flowers. Someday, I will get a new color. Maybe this next weekend!!!! Shopping for the soul is as important as shopping for food, right?

Spring, this year, has been hot and fast. I put out the geraniums which overwintered in the house, I only hope that won’t make it freeze! Thunderstorms expected. An abundance of blessings everywhere! Flowers, rain, cats, and dirt to dig in. Oh, happy day!


4 thoughts on “Lilacs!

  1. When I got home this afternoon, there was a cat exactly like this one hiding in my neighbors shrubbery! It was so cute! I used to have an orange kitten.We named him Roscoe! He was one of the litter that my cat Tippy had. I miss my cats

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      1. I felt the same way about my cat Buddy. He was so spoiled. My mom treated him like he was her son. Until K came along. But he was still her baby. And my best friend. Whenever I came over I would race downstairs to see my boy.

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