Small Blessings

IMG_1688 While reading one of my favorite romance authors from NZ, I ran across this.

A character remembers her dad sharing this life lesson to, “..garner all we could of laughter and joy, especially in little things, then when the big things in life failed us, we’d find compensations because we were in the habit of enjoying small blessings.” Essie Summers

This is what I hope this blog does. Share small blessings. Blessings that will help when you need them. I get so mad when people say ‘smile, someone else has it worse than you’ or some other pithy cutesy saying. No, we each have our own troubles and they are not tiny waves from our point of view. Yet, when those water walls overtake us, look for the small blessings. Every laugh and bit of joy is a part of the raft of larger wonders. Wonders which will help keep you afloat and on course. Steady as she goes!



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