Blooming Promises

IMG_1778 My second pear tree is now in bloom. It is so pretty underneath the pair (yes, a pair of pear trees and no partridges) with white petal confetti scattered on the grass and sidewalk. The blossoms are full of honeybees with fat bags of pollen attached to their legs. I stand outside, close my eyes, and experience spring in my senses. Beautiful, incredible, amazing spring!

I am always glad to see the trees like this. There is hope for future fruit inside every blossom. I know we have several weeks yet til this area is ‘safe’. A rule of thumb here is, NEVER plant or put out seedlings until after Mom’s Day. I recall lovely frosts where the fragrant white flowers were ‘under ice’. Yet, today, the promise and possibility is there. It is a blessing and I am glad in it.


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