Grow anywhere

This is a young sunflower. It is growing INSIDE a niche in one of the locust trees in the yard. The niche is several feet off the ground and the plant is about 4 or more inches tall. We have had sunflowers in the yard for many summers and Jon gave me a bag of sunflower seeds for my birthday (so I could feed the birds). I can only imagine how the seed got inside the bark of the locust, but no one told that seed it couldn’t grow there. It found a hospitable, for now, spot and put out roots and leaves. I don’t know how long it will thrive where it decided to grow. I may need to transplant it later. At the moment, it is a lesson in perseverance.

The giant locust is a safe harbor for a flower. A flower which, if it survives, will become a giant among its kind. I’m smiling as I contemplate the irony and joy found in this unlikely pairing. I wish I could thank the bird or squirrel who hid/dropped the seed inside the bark of the tree.


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