Don’t Wait.

These two photos were taken about 8 days apart. The week I was super sick and managed to miss the buds turning to blooms! In addition to high temps, we also had a couple of windstorms to wreak havoc in this half keg of tulips. When I saw the difference, it reminded me to enjoy my blessings when they arrive and not later, when it might be more convenient.

If I get a message from a friend, I will respond NOW.  If someone has given me a wave or a smile or an accolade of some sort, I will enjoy it and pass it on. I missed those flowers pictured because I didn’t get outside. Today, I wandered around my yard and picked some to bring in. I’ll watch them open and close in a vase. Safe from the heat and storms. Blessings I can be aware of every time I step into my kitchen. Blessings to remind me to not wait.


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