It is funny how things entwined often irritate more than they bless. Roots twisted around each other are hard to separate and pulling the bad from the good can be more than frustrating. Tangled hair is NOT a blessing. Vines and rose stems and other verdant growth are horrible to tame.

When I looked up at this tree, I noticed some cool things. There are many branches near each other, folded around each other, entwined in their reach for the sky. It would be hoped they are stronger because of their proximity to one another. I remember a game I had a Sunday School class play. We twisted cheap toilet paper, braided it, and discovered it was incredibly strong. (there are links to strength experiments with TP!!!)

Being alone is hard. Not only that, it is lonely. I’m so thankful for the people around me. It doesn’t matter what I learn from those persons, all lessons are beneficial and I will grow from the blessings I gain from being entwined.


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