Celebrate a Blessing

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It isn’t his birthday. He’s not graduating from anything. He’s himself and I am proud of him. This Saturday, during a time of Resurrection, we will be attending a memorial service for a young man. The boy was a year younger than Jon and was in Jon’s old Scout Troop. I cannot imagine the pain the family is going through at this time.   Jonathan is the bubbles in the soda pop of our life. He is smart, funny, I think he’s handsome (but, I am the mom!!), he is a joy, and losing him would devastate me. He may not put his dishes away when they are dirty, empty the dryer when it is done, or even pick up his multitude of socks left everywhere. It doesn’t matter. I am blessed by him everyday.

Please, celebrate those you care about Please, give them hugs, tell them how special they are, believe in them. They may grimace when you hug and kiss them, they may roll their eyes at you because, “MOM!”, and they may not respond to precious nicknames (odd, Jon hates being called ‘Little Bear’….). Do it anyway. Please.


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