Fun Medical MGD© Today I was given a blessing. I had a procedure a couple of weeks ago and today I received the results. I’m clear of any problems. Yet, I’m not rejoicing. I’m angry. We have poured a lot of money into my body. I’ve had a ton of different kinds of tests and procedures. I’m an anomaly. Because of this, as I go through my days,I need to center. I will pretend I do not hurt. I will fight to stay away from sleeping in a huddled ball of exhaustion two or three days in thirty. I will ignore the odd bleeding that occurs each month. I will not be sleepy any more and I will not whine. I will overcome and survive.  (I think this might be a proverb somewhere. your acting your thought eventually becomes you. Or something like that!)

So, in spite of being frustrated and knowing I’ve broken the bank, I need to focus on the facts found. I am healthy and completely well on paper. This truly is a blessing.


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