Look Up


This is a narcissus. In mythology, he was a young man who was beautiful and disdainful towards those around him. One of the other gods, Nemesis, saw this and enticed Narcissus to a pool. The young man saw himself and fell in love with the stunning person. Not knowing it was his own reflection, the youth sat near the water and stared at it until he died. Later, he was turned into a flower. This is one of  several stories about Narcissus.

The flower pictured is one of great beauty, yet always looks down. This plant has  as many names as there are stories about Narcissus! Oddly, the Greek word means numbness or stupor. I guess that could reflect on the feeling the young man felt when he was smitten until death by his own face. Others believe it is from the poisonous nature of the bulbs.

I love the story of the man being changed into a flower. A flower one can only appreciate fully if you get underneath it. Only then, can you truly see the colors and shapes inside this blossom. I have a great many flowers of this genus and I never get tired of the blessings inside each bulb. Looking down I see lovelies hidden in the grass, looking up I find even more!


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