A view from my window….

IMG_1540 I adore and love spring. I picked daffodils today, violets from my lawn, and enjoyed the scent of grass being cut. (which is why I picked the violets!) The kid even decided to mow part of it, mowing is kind of fun at this time. Mowing in August is not near as interesting!

Spring is probably my very favorite season. An Alaskan spring is much shorter and is often later in the year. At the moment, where I grew up is getting blowing snow. A lot of it! I read my absolute favorite spring book today, “The Secret Garden”, and watched leaves unfurl and buds open in my own. It seems logical that Christ’s last days on earth as a man is this week.  Gardens are full of life and death and living again. It is sort of seeing God everywhere.

More Iditarod tomorrow, but today, I’m completely and thoroughly blessed by spring.


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