princesssassypants I have always loved puddle jumping. I usually have to whistle ‘I’m Singing in the Rain’ while I do it, but it is so much fun! Giggling, however, is probably my favorite thing.  Also, hugging and giggling and smiling. When I don’t get to do those things, I start to go dark. I need my friends who bring me light.

Growing up in Alaska I remember going to a show in the winter. It was in a small town and was called ‘The Cabin Fever Variety Show’. Cabin Fever is real and when darkness closes in you MUST do something to let in the light. You can get cabin fever anywhere. It hurts. It is lonely. It is not pretend. I remember a weekend I was with grownups. I didn’t get hugged or touched with compassion the entire time. I was a basket case!  With spring right around the edge of tomorrow, it is almost easy to forget those around you who might be foundering in black. Please don’t. I know I’ve had horrid days when the sunshine of others was the only thing reaching me.

Be a blessing, giggle often, and share your light!


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