Screenshot (12) This is Kristy Berington. She is musher 83 in the 44th Iditarod. Her twin sister, Anna, was musher 23. I have been wanting to highlight these young women and today is the perfect day. I’ve not been feeling well and am on some drugs which sometimes make me see things doubled. So, hooray for Anna and Kristy!!! Seeing Double Sled Dog Racing!

These two women are a great deal of fun to follow. They enjoy what they are doing and do it well. At the moment, they are at 43 and 44 in the race and I hope they can get a little closer. The end is near for the fore runners, but we still have time to watch these young ladies reach Nome. Check out their site and cheer on this dynamic duo!


This photo was taken March 12 by the ‘teacher on the trail’. Laura Wright.



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