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The 44th Alaskan Iditarod has had its ceremonial start today in Anchorage, Alaska. The first miles of the race are for celebration and fun. The other 1,049 miles or so are joy, agony, and work. One of the things the mushers do at the start of the race is to carry someone as an ‘Iditarider.’ These guest riders can be anyone. I’m not entirely sure how they are chosen, but I do know this young lady in Alan Eischens sled is incredibly special. She is a bundled up blessing and this experience today will be one she will never forget.

I chose this quote from Alan’s bio on the official Iditarod website. ” He is dedicating all his miles to Pediatric strokes and Pediatric brain cancer.” Most of these mushers have a reason to mush. I’ll be following them for the next few weeks and probably drive you all nuts with facts and stories and blessings found all along the road to Nome, Alaska.

Hooray Alan and may you reach Nome safely.


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