March Forth

march4th  I know a teacher who used to make her students march around the room on March Fourth. I’ve always thought, since it falls in spring, marching forth should be a way to reach for tomorrow. Too often I am a part of the like minded flock or the lone penguin wandering off.  Marching with the flock is ok, as long as you don’t follow them into the jaws of a shark.

You have to  think for yourself, believe in yourself, and march on.Tomorrow is not a day away, it is lost completely unless you look for it.  For me, it is so hard to remember.  When everything around me is the same over and over, there really is something else on the other side of the ice. I get bogged down in the past and present, completely forgetting there is a future.

I might pick up a kid song again. You know, the one about ants. The ones who keep marching one by one, down into the ground, to get out of the rain. Although, I think I’ll be the ‘little one’ who stops for a bit to experience life before he shouts, ‘The End’! Let us march forth this spring, my dear friends, and  find time to roller skate,  climb a tree, or pray.


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