Order from Chaos


I’m one of those odd animals. I like to fold clothes. I like the clean scent of warm laundry (so do the cats, but that is a different post!) and I like making the rumpled up clothing  tidy. I like to take the piles of freshly washed fabric and place them in folded stacks ready to be put away. Sometimes it takes me a day or two (see cats sleeping in baskets of clean clothes), but it is such a satisfying experience.

I’m not as organized as it might seem, but I do appreciate order. Unless it is in the garden, there life can sprawl wherever it wants! I’m thankful I can bring some structure to the a portion of the chaos found in my world! And the dryer just stopped, so am off to restore some control where needed.


One thought on “Order from Chaos

  1. there are some things I just dont like…laundry and dishes! no! no! no! I dont even understand why in an apartment building, people sort their clothes. Its a waste of money/token. Just pile them up (whites of course are separate) and throw them in the washer! what really drives me nuts is how people insist on using hot water to do their laundry! Cold water will not ruin your clothes!
    I dont even bother folding. I just leave them in the basket. except leggings and blouses.
    enjoy your laundry!!!! happy folding, kris!!!

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