First Responder Volunteers


This photo was taken by Erika Lasater last January, during a training exercise. Like many other programs around us, our small town fire department is created from volunteers. I’m humbled by these people who willingly risk their lives, their sleep, and their time for their community because they want to.

These volunteers are neighbors and friends and family. There are not many of them, but they play an important role. These wonderful souls are not just people who watch the  homecoming bonfires, throw candy during parades, or manage a booth at Pendleton Round-Up. These are individuals who care in a way most of us can only imagine. They are a blessing. They are a pyre of blessings!



One thought on “First Responder Volunteers

  1. one of my friends is a fire fighter. he volunteered but now is a firefighter and fire marshall i think. he does our fire inspection at the restuarant. I always tease him, “What are you giving us crap about today, Alyn?”
    “I dont know, Rebecca. What did you do to get in trouble”
    Its all in good fun.
    We have crazy forest fires up here. a couple of years ago we had 10 forest fires that lasted half year that required the australian fire fighters to come help.
    It was really scary.
    I agree with you fire fighters are a real blessing doing a dangerous job ♥

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