The End?


What is the end? I’ve been thinking about this a great deal lately. Mum is having yet another surgery for cancer (she’s had 4 or 5 in the last 30  years–most of them in the last 10) and insists she’s not ready to leave yet. She has too much to do. Flowers fade and become mush in  frost, killing the germinating fruits under the bloom. Friendships can vanish like dew in sunshine.

Yet, the end isn’t scary in any of these situations. Maybe I’m just crazy, holding on to life loosely. I’ll miss the fruit from the frozen blossoms, yet the tree is often alive to bring forth new life later. Friendships don’t really die, they’ve given something in their very existence. Mum? It seems crazy to insist you have too much to do. I don’t want her to die, God knows she does have things she needs to do! I’m not afraid of it, though.

David Bowie’s comment is exactly right. The end isn’t if you love and are loved. This is my blessing today. I love and am loved in return and in this is everything that matters.



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