How much?


I often make yeast bread products. OK, that isn’t true. My bread machine makes the products, I pour the ingredients in the mixer and let it do what it does. I add a LOT of flour, a good portion of liquid, oils, sometimes an egg or two, herbs, and yeast. Of the latter ingredients I add only a tiny amount and they spread through the entire ball of dough! I am constantly amazed how yeast works. There are three cups of flour and a teaspoon and a half of yeast in the ball of dough in the picture. It is incredible such a small amount of one thing can change a whole lot of something else.

Jonathan mentioned this in his blog today. He talks about kindness and how those bits of nice can change the world. You can help pay for a doctor bill (I bawled when this happened to us after our eldest broke his arm),  you can watch someone’s kids free of charge, or you can take a Salvation Army bell ringer a cup of coffee on a cold December day. Making someone laugh, giving a  hug, sending a note/message/email, and sharing frustrations and triumphs are Easy Acts of Kindness. I dare you,  EAK someone a little bit  and see how big it grows.


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