Change is Good!

I was looking for 3 things changing today. I had so many good blessings to choose from starting from a beautiful morning and descending into night, I decided to focus on ones I had pictures of.

Sunsets. Probably should go at the end, but it was a stunning one today. A sunset promising tomorrow. Hues of black, grey, orange, purples, and blues decorated the sky this evening. Tonight, there is a glorious full moon shining so brightly the earth is silvered. Gorgeous!

This tiny crocus always comes up and blooms first. I have no idea why it is all alone. None of the other crocuses look like this one and the pale lilac jumps out of the grass. It is a true herald of spring to be. It makes me smile every time I see it!

Over by my garden bridge there are iris. I am sooo excited to see these beauties coming up!! I particularly like how they come up amidst the skeletons of the Japanese Lanterns. Their stalwart stems push through the earth and practically force one to believe spring is on the way.

I adore winter. I love snow and ice and cold. However, having grown up in a place where spring is about 3 weeks, I go a little bit mad during a spring in the states! I love the changes around me and they did help make today even better.


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