Plan B


One of Jon’s pictures and one which is apt for a ‘Plan B’. Dad, his Grandpa, and Jon got thoroughly stuck in the mud out in the middle of nowhere the day this photo was taken. Grandpa had recently gotten out of a care center and the guys ended up calling for help. During the wait, Jon got some excellent photos.

There are many blessings you can find in a ‘Plan B.’ I was going to do 3 sewing projects before the end of February. Today, I started 3 of them. And managed to kind of finish one.  I am very glad there is a week left in this month and that we have an extra day! I am also very thankful we have internet access upstairs in our house and I have a laptop that I can google answers to sewing questions. Plan B has been pretty popular today! Plan Blessing. I’m good with that phrase.



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