Fill Me


Colors, scents, words, tastes, and sounds have all been a part of my Wednesday. They have filled my soul and self with an abundance of blessings. Purples, greens, silvery rain, and smiling faces flood my eyes with beauty. Fragrant ginger, chocolate, vanilla, and baking bread burst around me and pour out into the yard (yup, was told this by a neighbor!!!). Words from friends in stories, messages, emails, and those of authors, take me places I can only imagine! Tastes of the things I’ve baked or made. What is nicer than a cup of pomegranate green tea when you need a pick me up? The sounds I’ve heard were not all positive, but they did share life. The wind scurrying around the house, rubbing tree branches together has been startling and exciting. The voices of friends and family and laughter and endearments enfold me in the music of day to day living. Today, I have been blessed and am overflowing.


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