walls When I was in college a young man used to always have us sing a song during the Monday night devotionals. It was incredibly simple.

“You can build a bridge, or you can build a wall. It all depends upon the love you give. If you build a wall, your world is small. But, a bridge of love can conquer all.”

Cory later killed himself, devastating our small school.

Bridges of love are hard to build sometimes. Yet, they are necessary as they help us cross from the lonely sides. I adore meeting and having people in my life who help tear down walls. Walls that can keep me from reaching out with love, laughter, and light. There are days when I hide and cry and surround myself in a tall towering brick and rock  fortress, obscuring me from the world. Those days are when I need the bridge building friends the most. I am so fortunate to have so many in my world. They truly are blessings and I count them one by one.


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