Love a little stronger–


What a beautiful true thought.  It only needs kissing. Kissing a little softer would be a good addition. I rarely hug without adding a peck on the cheek or neck.

I like February because I can love on people without having them think I’m eccentric. OK, more eccentric than usual! I’ve only sent out 13 love notes so far this month, which isn’t too bad since I am attempting to send one a day for the whole month. Thankfully, there are a lot of birthdays in February, so many of my notes have been ‘so glad you were born and are in my world’ ones! I’m glad to love on folks, sometimes this month is hard because of the hype for hearts and romance. Loving someone is more than this. It is good go out and give a smile, a hug, or a hand clasp to let others know they count in the world.


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