Romance yourself

“Love who you are and appreciate the being that is you.”joeamethystskies Jon’s words, not mine. Joe’s photo, not mine. But they work well together. February is a month of purple and  has a holiday dedicated to love in it. Spend your month giving to and appreciating who you are. Love yourself.

I’ve been thinking a great deal about this. I’ve had a birthday and I’ll have an anniversary this month. I usually wait for others to celebrate me (and on FB I did get many loves on the first) and that is pretty silly. I need to love ME and cherish ME and celebrate ME. It seems selfish and horrible and somehow wrong, but it isn’t. I just set up a minor surgery for next month (depending on the powers that be–insurance) and my mum might be having a major surgery at the same time. Should I ignore what I need for mom? The point may be moot, but I’m going to go with the surgery. I am going to take care of me (finally, after 5 years) and see what happens.

It isn’t candy and hearts and flowers, but it is an important step in doing what needs to be done for me. Even if it can’t happen, I’ve made this first step.


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