My comfort spot


My kitchen is one of my biggest blessings. I love my kitchen. This isn’t a good photo-I was standing on my tiptoes holding the camera way above my head from the far corner. I’d have had the kid take it for me, but he had just helped out by mixing up cookies. I didn’t want to bother him again. You can see the book on the bench by the window. I usually sit there and read or use my laptop. I love how much space my kitchen has. The microwave is next to me (where I am standing  to take this shot!).As  you can maybe tell, it isn’t done yet, though. The far counters are plywood covered by a towel (which is not a bad idea, it keeps the bread maker from dancing off onto the floor!) and the end cabinet is basically a hole with paper bags inside to hold plastic stuff. But, I love it.

Every time I go anywhere and see kitchens, I think mine is the best. It is made for ME and is all quirky. I’m so thankful for this room in my house. I’d sleep in it, if it wouldn’t be too strange!


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