Birthday Cake

It was a fine chocolate cake. Layered with frosting and heath candies in the center, surrounded by sticks of Kit Kats, and topped with M&Ms. A lot of them. Jon decided he wanted more than plain ones, so we purchased 6 bags of the things. Three of the snack size bags were not plain. Unfortunately, when I made the cake, I ran out of both Kit Kat bars AND M&Ms. My cake pans must have been 9 inches. It took 10 full size bars + 1 stick to surround the cake. Jon enjoyed it, though. The 22 candles were a stretch. I had forgotten candles and managed to find these twirly things in the cupboard. They were a pain to light in such a large bunch. I took a photo of him blowing them out and managed to almost get asphyxiated. I was standing exactly in the way of the smoke!!!! It made for a bad picture, too.

I love making birthday cakes and even if this one was a repeat of a former cake (the earlier one was using square pans, makes more sense using round ones!!!), it was a success! Cutting it would not have been as much of a mess if I had added all the candy when the frosting was still ‘sticky’. However, the kid didn’t mind at all. As I said in my other post, he is a blessing!!!


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