my baby

Jonathan Scott Hansell will be 22 in a few hours. He’s my baby and a source for many a ‘Jonism’. When the boys were small I started notebooks on each of them. I had friends write in them their thoughts on the boys and I wrote in them incidences of their growing up. I will give them to the boys someday, but they don’t want them yet. He’s been the bubbles in the soda of our life. I cannot imagine our world without him.

As a youngster he rode a small motorcycle. He’d go out in the field and I’d be inside. One day I didn’t hear the bike and panicked. I went outside and heard a faint, “mom, Mom…mom..” He was out in the driveway pinned under it. It had fallen over on him. I rushed to the rescue, apologizing frantically. He finally told me to not worry about it and opened up his hand. Inside were a variety of rocks and shiny bits. His comment? ‘Look at all these cool things I found while I was on the ground!”

I do love this kid. He has always been a blessing to me. Even when he tracks in mud or accidentally breaks a window and pokes a hole in the hose with a misguided blow dart. (yes, the SAME dart!)


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