IMG_0272 This photo was taken last summer (2015) when we had to do reconstruction after about 22 hundred gallons of raw sewage ended up in mom’s basement. (the company that was supposed to clean out her septic, reversed the flow and since mom was the last one on the list that day…yeah, it was worse than really gross) Anyway, we had to replace walls and floors and so much. Well, the reason I’m sharing this photo is the white water heater on the  edge of the picture.

After the earthquake on the Kenai this last weekend (Jan), mum noticed there was water leaking out of her water heater. I’m in the states and couldn’t do anything, nor could my guys. Mum was sharing the earthquake story at work (she subs) and a teacher said she’d talk to her husband. It was amazing awesome incredible. Her husband and someone else came out to fix it and stayed all day. They called later (as I understand it) to check on things and mum said it was still leaking. So, she paid for a new heater and the guys did all the plumbing to replace it! People did more than reach out to help, they actually did help.

Completely humbled by this gigantic Alaskan sized blessing.


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