Daddy. William H. Egbert. He married my mom when I was in 5th grade and I am forever glad he did. Wise beyond what I knew (I was pretty hard on this nice guy as a teen…) and humor as dry as a desert, he was one of my favorite people. He loved old things and restored juke boxes, but his love was the 56 Mercury Custom he got his hands on in 1997. It is now in the states again and the video Daddy made just days after he purchased these white walls was found today! It was a true blessing to hear his voice and see him share about so many different things. I wonder what he’d think of the world today? I wonder what he’d think of his grandkids and daughters? I do know he take it all in stride, like the spruce hens he took out. In the video he made, we went for a drive (before go pros!) and as he came upon the slow moving birds and ran them over, he commented, “oops! didn’t mean to do that!”

I love you daddy!



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