Cancer Sucks.


I was able to meet Alaska Bob two summers ago. A big man with a huge heart who was larger than life in every place he went. He was an incredible photographer, a wise friend with spicy wit, and he would laugh his butt off to find out how many people loved and will miss him. Then, he’d probably tell us to write to a soldier. He had been fighting his cancer for quite a while, but he always rallied to cover parts of the Iditarod or other sled dog races. Toni, the gal who took the above picture, shared on her blog how important Alaska Bob was to her. And to so many more. Please look at the link on her page to show his gallery on smugmug.

Alaska Bob and DQ or ice cream go hand in hand. I never visit that place without remembering Bob. Today, after I learned of his death, I went to DQ. Then, my son and I went out and took photos. Toni mentions in her blog he was living on borrowed time. Yet, most of us forgot his cancer unless he asked for prayers (he rarely did, soliciting them for his friends instead). I’ll never forget you Alaska Bob. You will always remain one of my blessings.


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