Hard to find Blessings

IMG_5796 Today I feel submerged in sand. I’m angry and looking for blessings is not what I want to do. It is January 28. My daddy died on this day years ago. Many more years ago, the space shuttle exploded as I watched from a crowded TV room on campus. The husband is having a procedure today (I do appreciate drs!). It is pouring and blowing cold rain (I like rain!). My bird feeders are hollow of seed and scattered millet and hulls are all over my porch. The checkbook is empty until Monday (my meds were purchased and we have enough food to last for ages). My birthday is Monday and once again it will be just another day (typically, the kid’s birthday is celebrated–on the 4th–instead of mine on the first, I hate planning for myself!). My mum is getting the results of her PET scan. And we don’t have any snow.

I know there are great things in today. The bread in the oven, which appears to be baking properly! Books to read and stories to write. As the waves submerge me in blessings, I need to wriggle my way from the compacted ground and accept what is and what isn’t. And when that loaf is done, I’m going to cut off the warm end and slather it with butter.


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