Brownie Fluff


Chocolate blessings! The kid asked for me to make these. The photos don’t give you scent, but oh my goodness! Basic brownie mix, put the marshmallow on while the brownie is still hot (put it back in the oven for a couple of minutes to help melt the mallow gooey-ness) and spread to cover, let cool completely. Last you melt a cup of PB, 3 TB of butter, and about 1 and 1/2 (or there abouts) cups of chocolate chips together. (I use more than the cup and a 1/3, more chocolate is better!). When combined, you add 2 cups of chocolate krispies (the real recipe calls for plain krispies, but seriously??? Chocolate!) and mix well. Smooth over the marshmallow layer, let harden (if you can) and then cut and devour. Sticky gooey and delicious!

Every time I make these I think I should make them more often than once every couple of months! Bake and be blessed!


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