Simple Kindnesses

Jonathan shared this via his blog and I had to share it. Little things are so easy to do and so often we don’t think about reaching out with a kindness. We want that parking place, we don’t want to give up our seat, or we are NOT going to see the plight of the person in front of us.

I am going to mail out notes to people in February. Little things I hope will encourage them. February is short, very much still winter, and a time to remind people there is more to the month than ‘The Walking Dead’ (which I have never watched). Love one another and pass it on!


One thought on “Simple Kindnesses

  1. i like it when people pay it forward. or give the elderly their seats, or hold the door open for them.
    i watched on youtube, a young man give the shirt off his back to an elderly homeless man on the subway. it was cold out. the old man couldnt put it on, so the young man put it on for him and then gave him his toque.
    the old man cried.
    I cried because the young man said it was nothing to him, but everything to the old man.
    there is nothing more rewarding than generosity!

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