Runneth Over

Today was an exciting day. Full of blessings of different kinds.

First, the earthquake. My mum had things topple and glass was everywhere–and dirt from plants that fell. Her septic is probably totally trashed, which means the third summer in a row where that won’t work. We’ll have to see. She also lost power for a while. My sister didn’t really have anything happen where she is, the road that cracked is a few miles from her house. Some of my family owns and operates the Anchor River Inn and THAT had some damage. Uncle Jesse (a pet name) shared the video of the security camera online and talk about a dusty shaking up!

Second, the doll. This doll I got for my birthday in 4th or 5th grade. About that time we moved from the area and I lost track of many of my best friends and Lee Anna (her mom made the doll). We moved from the tiny town of Anchor Point to a larger one called Kenai. Last week a friend from that time long ago found me on FB. He gave me Lee Anna’s number and insisted I call. I finally did today and it was one of those special times where 40 years seemed to vanish in laughter and memories.

So, yes, my cup runneth over (it didn’t tip over!) with blessings today. Blessings of friendship and safety. Happy sigh!


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