locks I’ve been thinking about locks. They are VERY important (and from the state of the locks on the door, I also need to clean the door frame!). Our house is locked when we are not home, at night, and when the guys leave me sleeping. The cars we used to leave mostly locked. In other words, we’d lock all the doors except one. Last week someone got into our mostly locked cars and took things. Now, the cars are always locked when they are in our driveway/yard.

Public bathrooms have locks. These are most imperative to remember! Alas, I was in such a rush to pee today, I forgot to lock said door in public bathroom. Yup, someone opened the door catching me with my pants down. Mortified much? (Actually, I thought it was funny. Reminded me of when I had kids.) I was at the grocery store later and almost left the keys in my thoroughly locked car. I also didn’t take my cell phone with me. I probably would have left it in the car, too. Especially, if I had needed it!

Locks are a blessing. They keep things out and keep other things in (I had a blizzard today and the cup had a hole in it–it wasn’t secured properly!).  Security is a blessing. Our schools had a lock ‘out’ yesterday because of an out of control parent. I often take locks and security for granted, forgetting to use the lock and ignoring the safety. Hoping I do remember these incredible ‘tiny’ things that make my world a less scary place.


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