Shel Silverstein writes a lot about perspective and choices. I used one of his poems earlier this year. Then, I ran across a blog post by my friend Jon and one of his sentences reached out and grabbed me hard. “My perspective is a choice.” WOW!! Where I am today is a product of my choices. What I see ahead of me is colored by my choices.

I may choose to be fancy in red, more practical in cotton, or both in a velvet like skirt. (and yes, they are Gunne Saxe, from eons ago. I let my dress dummy wear them since I’m much larger than I was then.) My decisions are what make up my minutes and hours. I need to use common sense (weeding a garden in a silky red tea length might be fun for the hummingbirds, but it isn’t practical!!) while making my choices and I am blessed to have some of that. Most importantly, I need to remember to love and be open minded with what I’ve chosen. To be a blessing to others when I’ve picked the poorer option and allow me to grow from that harvest into something else.


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