Not over til-

whistle the fat lady sings, the flag goes down, or the whistle blows. As we walk our walk, step into the future, and move in other directions, it is comforting to know we have an entire lifetime to experience whatever is out there. We can go forwards, sideways, even backwards (Ginger did). It doesn’t matter, as long as you MOVE!

I don’t do sports. I watch baseball cuz mom does, I follow the Seahawks because I live in the NW and everyone else knows more than I could ever imagine, ice skating fascinates me, and I like some live events (sheep dog trials and car racing is fun). What I have learned, however, is how important it is to keep playing til the final whistle blows and the end is declared. What a blessing it is to understand the mistakes I make are not the things that define me. They are incidents in the game that give me an option to choose where I will go next. Pretty awesome,  huh?


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