I had a crazy day. I went to a nearby city for lunch with a friend and got lost getting there..I opted to leave my car at the bookstore I finally found and my friend drove. When it was time to leave, I again got lost. I called a good many contacts in my phone (oddly, many of them are in Alaska, which is NOT helpful in the NW), stopped and asked for help and got written directions from several parties. I missed exits in the rainy dark, got nervous in the foggy dark parts of the drive, was startled by the blowing tumbleweeds on a different section of the road, and I survived. I had help from many people all during my drive to and from and I was blessed and humbled by their assistance.

It reminded me again on how vastly important the ability to ask for help is. I don’t do it often enough. Oh, I do when I am directionally challenged on a trip (no, don’t have GPS–YET!). I do not ask when my directions are messed up in life, when I am stuck in a problem I can’t figure out, or when I truly need a hand somewhere. I like to be independent and do it myself. I often make a mess, too. It is silly to not ask.  It is a simple thing to do and most people enjoy helping others.

So, ASK!


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