I love these words. I know there are a great many versions of this in (on) the net, but Nikita’s captured me. The phrase, ‘Souls made of flames’ is incredibly beautiful.

I adore stars. Constellations are my friends, even if I am only absolutely positive of the Big Dipper and North Star. That particular group anchors me no matter where I am. Granted, I’ve not been below the equator, so am not sure what I’d feel then!

To imagine we are stars with a people name is heady and humbling at the same time. The song lyrics ‘catch a falling star, put it your pocket, never let it fade away’ brings a whole new idea to light. I’m going to befriend those flames, keep them safe, and never let them fade!

And the stardust I scatter will come from the kindnesses I share. Want to help? We’ll make the world sneeze as we spread our stardust in blessings!


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