I’ve heard variations on this question during the start of this new year. What makes you happy? What brings you joy? Where is your glad?

Perhaps all we need is to go out and look for it? I’ve been in many a depressed dark state of mind. Dark enough to want to kill myself. I’ve been told, ‘oh, just make yourself happy and it will go away.’ (loose translation) It isn’t that easy, trust me. YET–when I do look at the small things in the world and smile, that smile chases away the darkness for at least, oh…maybe a second. And one second of light is a giant step in my well being! Lately, there have been hours and even days of light. Looking for blessings has helped me a great deal. This song, it is a go to ‘light’ song. Enjoy and be blessed.


One thought on “Happy

  1. Writing,music, reading, comedy makes me happy of course my niece!!
    I think if we all had a good laugh it would put us in the right mindset to be happy!!! 😜😂💕

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