I was trying to photograph the falling snow from the porch. Lazy flakes drifting, almost like they were trying to make up their mind whether to actually fall or not. I took several pictures and not a single crystal was caught. Not only were they lazy, they were elusive! Yet, when I saw the photo on the computer screen, I was amazed.

Inside this ‘not what I wanted’ photo, there is so much! Look at those crazy. twisting branches on my lilac making shapes of all kinds. There are tiny buds (they form in the fall) waiting to burst into leaf. The larger branches have sparse white snow covers on their patterned bark. There are dead flower buds clustered like has been memories hung out to dry. The snow gathered in tiny crooks is somehow surreal, like something you’d find in an old movie. I also noticed the picture was a bit out of focus, but it doesn’t detract. It makes me look harder for what might be inside it.

A handful of blessings inside this almost discarded shot. I’m glad I saved it!


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