Not my picture, but it gives an idea! I purchased pretty blue sheets for the bed and they are sooo soft! I didn’t think to use it as a blessing til I saw the prompt of ‘blue’ in my blessing notes. The cats and the dad are sound asleep on them, so will not take my camera in to photograph this particular good thing.

I love clean sheets and love a nicely made bed (I learned in college, ‘to make a room look cleaner, make the bed!’) and NEW sheets are even better. So, yup, I am super excited about this rather strange kind of blessing tonight. I’ll be even more thrilled when I finally crash and crawl in between the colors to sleep. (one of my friends in college told me that her mom always said to put  the colors next to each other when making up a bed, so you can sleep between the colors–I liked that!)  Cozy color comfort. Hmmm, I guess I learned a lot of things in college not found in books. :o)

Have a great day and may all the blues be great songs and blessings!


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