Too Close


Really?? It is January first. Have you had anyone ask how your year is going, if you are prepared for the new changes, or what you have planned? Come on people, it is too close! Many of us are trying to recuperate from being up a tad too late last night. We can’t focus on tomorrow, much less the football game on the tube. The future is a jumble of words blown up on a page. We are pretty sure of the content in front of us, but the structure, genre, and length are still hazy. For me? Give me time to write this year and then I will let you know your answers!

Things to tell these silly ‘instant coffee’ people until you are far enough away to see: Don’t put all of your words in one paragraph. Spread them out throughout your year and in each hour seek new sentences and experiences.  Every comma is a breath, every period is a stop before your next step. Use them wisely and don’t forget those important semi colons! Chapters are a necessary break, take a nap. Resting before you drop over the waterfall is a good idea. Be an action verb, a blessing, in other people’s lives and embrace those adjectives. Happy lovers kiss better and an excited hugger is a good person to know.

Love and hugs and kisses!!! Me.


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