Anything is possible!


Anything is possible. This next year is a skein of yarn waiting to be balled and created into something. There may be tangled bits, the cat may make a mess of it, or I may make a mess of it. I may need to rip out some parts and start over with the same misshapen fibers, but at the moment, it is all a possibility. I have no idea what the next days, weeks, and months hold. The piece I create will be added onto last year’s project and it will be a good thing. I may not see parts of it as good when they happen, but in the end, they will be. Waking each morning, being able to smile, and share life with others will be my stitch pattern. What will become of those stitches is all in how I knit. (NOTE: I do not know how to knit or crochet or weave…I do understand the theory!)

May your new year be one of beautiful creations, useful lessons, and fun experiences.


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