Math and Spell check


This news meme is one of my favorite FB memes. As a kid I detested math. I still have trouble with it. I also get into trouble with spell check. I used this photo elsewhere, but had to promote it one more time!

I am thankful for both math and spell check, even if they are a bane to my existence. I had no idea how much math was used in life when I was doing my best to avoid it as a youth. Geometry is a part of sewing, fractions (oh those nasty things) are necessary in cooking, and ‘basic’ math you need to balance your finances (which can often dissolve into negative and not positive numbers).

I laughed when I saw this meme. I was never fortunate enough to have math labs in school, I am glad. I would have hated that time period! And I am sure I would have been one to get arrested. (I did get sent to the office a few times….but, we won’t get into that!) Then, there is spell check which is very handy, I use it all the time. Not as much as I use math, but my pencils don’t come with this excellent feature. Maybe someday they will!


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