Taken in December 2009, this is one of my favorite photos of my boys. Walking side by side on a flat surface, you can see their similarities and their differences perfectly. The oldest is in a sweatshirt and a military cut, the baby (by 5 years) is in plaid and hasn’t decided to shave yet. I was following a conversation this afternoon about how different two children of the same sex could be and I laughed.

My boys are very dissimilar, in spite of their parentage and upbringing. One was a ton easier as a baby than the other, but that easy baby had difficulty when he was a teen. Yet, as they have grown into two different adults, they are still my boys. Boys who love many of the same kinds of things.

Their differences are a blessing. I can’t imagine life without either of them. The baby is the bubbles in the soda of our life and the eldest is me. (No wonder he was such a difficult teen!) I do love these boys very much!


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